“Captain Tony says…”

Over the 20 years he has been captaining around these waters, Captain Tony has answered the same questions pretty much every day.  We thought we would make things a bit easier for you by compiling his list of answers to the questions asked most frequently here:

1.       Restaurants – ‘There are soooo many so here are a few’…

A.      Sophisticated

1.       Tentaciones

2.       Amuleto

3.       Kau Kan

4.       Hotel Capella

B.      Casual

1.       Sirena Gorda

2.       Tamaly’s  Any

3.       Mediteraneo

4.       Lety’s

5.       La Gaviota

6.       La Perla

C.      Live like a “Sanca”


2.       Outside Adventures –‘Explore and discover’…

A. Beach Walks

1. Playa Las Gatas

2. Playa La Ropa

3. Playa Troncones

4. Playa Manzanillo

5. Playa Blanca & Playa Larga

B. Soledad de Maciel,  Archaeology site

C. La Vanilla, Cascades in rainy time plus terrific multi water crossings of the stream

D. Barrio Viejo Laguna and playa

E. Barra de Potosi Laguna and playa

3.       Hotels to Visit- ‘Outstanding Architecture’

a.       Casa  Que Canta

b.      Hotel  Amuleto

c.       Hotel Capella

d.      Hotel Viceroy

e.      Las Palmas on Playa Blanca

4.       Walks, Bike rides, kayaks- ‘Get that body in motion’…

a.       La Refugio de Potosi

b.      Kayak  Zihua Bay,  Laguna Potosi

c.       Bike ride & walk between Ixtapa and Playa Linda

5.       Fishing Zihua- ‘Sailfish Capital of the world’…

a.       Deep Sea

1.       Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna

b.      Inshore

1.       Sierra, Bonita,

6.       Bird Watching- ‘Open your window , look out and be amazed’…

a.       Sea birds

b.      Land birds – migratory & indigenous

7.       Surfing

a.       Playa Linda

b.      Manzanillo Bay

c.       La Barilla

d.      Las Gatas


8.       Partying- ‘Great live music all around town’…

a.       Bandidos

b.      Pacolos

c.       Senor Frogs

d.      Canta de la Sirena

9.       Sailing –‘Picante’ & more’…

a.”Picante” 75’ sailing Catamaran

b.  hobie cats on Playa La Ropa

10.  Event Homes-‘prívate homes’ for that special event…

a. “Casa Sol”

b.  “Casa Arbol”


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