About picante Sailing Catamaran - Ixtapa-Zhuatanejo

A sleek, ultramodern sailing catamaran designed to be the ultimate experience in day charter excursions. A length of 75’, a beam of 35’ and a mast height of over 80’ assures our passengers a ride of unparalleled smoothness aboard, rivaling any craft sailing today. Fast, fun and extremely stable, is built to accommodate passengers in spacious comfort while gliding across the waters of the blue Pacific in seeming effortless motion. Share in the excitement of sighting the California grey whale (in the winter season), teeming dolphins, huge manta rays or the endangered loggerhead turtles. All this is possible and probable and when sighted, wondrous. Whether lying under the sun in the forward tramps, or sitting in the shade of our cockpit/bar enjoying the magnificent panorama of the Pacific Ocean at sunset and breathtaking mountainous coastline, your dreams of the perfect vacation getaway will be fulfilled. The fabulous crew will offer uncompromising service, and each trip has its sublime moments to the superb. Throughout each trip there is a subtle evolution which unfolds into our “famous” Mexican fiesta. Thrill to the hoisting of our towering mainsail and jib; as the sails fill, feel the acceleration of a pedigreed ocean racing sailing machine. Lie back and marvel at the forces generated by our colorful 2400 sq. ft. spinnaker as we come charging into the bay of Zihuatanejo. Ride in our spinnaker as you’re anchored in front of La Ropa Beach and overwhelm your senses with sights and sounds that you have been dreaming to achieve. Each of our distinct excursions has something for everyone, each is unique. Choose wisely or choose all and prepare yourself for a little bit of magic created aboard .